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Early support for your child

Information for parents on early support from birth until the start of school in Westfalen-Lippe

LWL is the body responsible for early support in Westfalen-Lippe. It assumes the costs of these services (with the exception of those covered by statutory health insurance) from when a child is born until they start school. We plan all support activities together with you as the child’s parents.

We would like for both you and your child to be included fully and independently in community life - regardless of where you live and the type of care your child needs.

If you are considering early support for your child, we would be happy to help you arrange it.

To enable children to grow in the best way possible

LWL provides funding to support children who are affected by or at risk of developing a disability

  • What is early support?
  • What types of early support are there?
  • When does it make sense to get early support?
  • Where does early support take place?
  • How can my child access early support?
  • Who can I contact?

Contact persons

We can advise you on early support free of charge and in confidence.

E-mail, phone, letter